File History - revert to revision should mark the file as edited



It may be the way I am using this feature that is the problem, but it is not working for me as I would like.

When I revert to a previous version of a file it does not mark the file as changed. Hence if I close the file no save dialog is displayed and also the edited marker in the corner is not set. If I revert to a previous version and then close the file, the reversion is lost.


I just noticed this too and almost committed nothing to git because of it. I had to revert a file and commit it, so I reverted it and assumed it had saved itself because it didn’t show as edited. I then realized after checking git status and opening the file back up. This is a confusing way to revert as a reversion should be counted as an edit. If you could simply mark the file as edited that would be amazing, thank you.