File disappears while renaming


Hi, I am new to C9 and a student of Java. Sorry if the question is a novice mistake.

My issue arises when I am working in any folder and create a new file and select the folder I wish to place it in. After selecting the folder I highlight the untitled name and start typing the name of the file I wish to rename to and the file just disappears in the background of dialog box. Once done typing the name and clicking save, the file is no where to be found. If I leave the file name untitled, it saves the file just fine and I can rename the file just fine. I have been saving the files using file names that follow CamelCase, does that make any difference? Also I click the “x” that appears on the gray circle to exit and save, does that make any difference? Thank you.


Which dialog box do you mean? could you take a screenshot, or screencast showing the issue.