Feature request: unclosable terminal


We (angularbootcamp.com) have been working with lots of people who try out Cloud 9 to use in a class we teach. We are so effusive about the project, that I think we accidentally end up working as an unpaid Cloud 9 sales team :slight_smile: although at a small scale.

One of the most recent problems users have is that they “accidentally” closed their command window. They end up orphaning a command they had running. It is not so obvious how to get such a program back under control.

Therefore I request the following feature: remove the feature, at least by default, of closing a terminal window. Make it where you have to really go out of your way to close a terminal window with something running inside it. Certainly there should still be away, to handle cases for that is the only way to get control back, but it should not be just one little click the people habitually do is there trying to tidy their crowded workspace on a small screen.