Feature Request: Set document root with environment var in template



After spinning up a new Laravel application I always have to edit the Apache config to point the document root at “/home/ubuntu/workspace/public” instead of just “/home/ubuntu/workspace”

Having a “public” folder isn’t unique to Laravel, however. If working on a webpack project I’d expect to serve my file out of the “dist” folder, or if using Yii I’d have a serve from the “basic/web” folder

This is a common enough task it seems strange that I have to open up vim in the terminal to edit a file owned by root

I noticed that the Apache log directory is pulled from an environment variable, and that environment variables can be defined in the runner config. If the document root were defined as ${DOC_ROOT} instead of /home/ubuntu/workspace then it’d be possible to define these custom document roots via the UI

Similar question (which I also asked here: Timeline on PHP7 Template?), is there a timeline on creating custom templates? If so I could create a “Laravel” template and not have to worry about any of this