[Feature Request] - Create Class Metadata Automatically



Hi All,

I am not sure if this is the proper channel to address this, but here it goes. Not sure if there is a place to submit feature requests/ideas?.
I would love Cloud9 to support the creation of Metadata for common Classes/Pages/Etc pretty much like Mavensmate does. We should be able to click “New Apex Class” and have the file be created within the “classes” folder, with the corresponding metadata file. This is common for other Salesforce plugins and it would push Cloud9’s editor forward a lot.
In the meantime, it would be great for the Documentation to have some indication on how to “do it ourselves”, I just sort of figured it out on my own while testing the IDE and was scratching my head until I saw a youtube webcast of someone else doing it… definitely not an intuitive use-case.
Let me know if I can be of any help in pushing this forward!.




it is supposed to automatically create missing metadata files when you create the class file. Does that not work?


Hi Harutyun!,

That’s cool, but it seems to not work for me. Let me show you what happens in my workspace:
Test Metadata Issue

Thanks for your help!,


Empty file doesn’t work because it can sync only valid classes. After adding class TestClass{} it works right?
But I see how this is too confusing and complicated for something that needs to be used often.



So I tried a few times, first I added the class TestClass{} and it didnt work (should have been valid).
Then I deleted the whole thing, synced again (clean slate). Then:

  • Created “New File”, added TestClass{} line of code and then I hit Save and Sync w/Salesforce. This time it worked correctly.

So basically, the first time the new class is submitted to Salesforce, it has to be a valid class or it will not create the metadata correctly, and then afterwards it will not sync correctly even though it should compile. (That might be a bug).

The overall process seems a bit prone to errors (not simple and some of the possible scenarios cause problems).
But now I know how to make it work :).

So far I’m loving Cloud9 though, keep up the good work!


When I create a new class with correct content, Cloud9 is not syncing that to Salesforce. Have you guys seen this error before?