Feature request: Angular 2 workspace template / project type


Currently it takes a few operations to get up and running to do Angular 2 development using Cloud 9. In an effort to make it super easy, I even set up a script which you can (terrible security warning) curl-bash into a fresh Cloud 9 and then wait 10+ minutes for it to run. See the following post and video for explanation and demo:

I would like to request that a Angular 2 template option be added to the list of Cloud 9 templates. The tricky part here is that A2 is evolving rapidly, so if you just snapshot the current version of the relevant tools (A2 and its CLI) then it will be, unfortunately, painfully obsolete just a couple of weeks from now. So maybe this is too soon, or maybe there is a way to easily keep templates up-to-date.

By the way, there is lots of information in the help about making file level templates, but little or nothing about that list of workspace template choices that everyone sees as they start a new workspace every time.

Angular 2 / angular-cli problem