Feature request: allow recording of terminal sessions in a file


Make it possible to save everything from terminal to a file somewhere.

I sometimes (far too often) run performance tuning/debugging/error hunting sessions where I need to copy & paste text from terminal window to pastepin and more than often the information just escapes the terminal log buffer and I need to redo whatever I’s doing.

Maybe add some terminal log file size restrictions and keep the file “rolling” after it reaches specific size. Dunno :wink:

Or maybe it’s possible with screen already?

Just another 2 eurosents worth of ideas :wink:


If you don’t have to respond to the input you can just pipe all console output from a program to a file using the pipe command in linux.

Here is a quick primer on that: piping and directing output


Hi, thanks for your response. I know about piping and use it a lot. What I’m looking for is some sort of “terminal session log” type of solution.


You can adjust the number of lines that the terminal remembers in Settings > User Settings > Terminal > Scrollback.


Ok. Thanks. Changed this to 2000 lines, let’s see if it works out :wink: