Fairwell to cloud9?


Im guessing we have no choice but to say goodbye to C9 by december 31st 2019?

Instead of forcing a new platform why didn’t they just slightly raise the price farely with inflation, and create tiers of more projects? If there’s one thing programmers hate is dealing with a new GUI. I’m sure others like me would’ve been willing to pay more than the 19 monthly to continue using c9 on all their projects (with ability to scale larger if wanted at higher or lower plans).

What would be needed to create a platform like this for starting developers at low costs and and keep a close to fee tier?

I would be willing to attempt a creation of an ide server if plenty of others are up for the task. I know they’re systems have a relationship with Docker, which automatically create containers.

They’re plenty of smarter people here who could probably make this better and more dependable plan than AWS, by open source and closed source help.

Vote this message up & messaging me privately would give a better idea of how many people are up for moving forward with a solution, and creating a trustworthy IDE.

Aside I want to give thanks to the c9 team that made me grow to love programming as much as i do today. I am very greateful, and i’m sure others feel the same way about this.






Another possible alternative is https://coder.com/. It is a cloud-based version of Visual Studio Code. Only downside is that it is a very new product, so there are some small bugs in several places. It can also be self-hosted.



It’s too bad because the value of c9 isn’t just the ide, it’s the container management, collaboration, preview and features like subdomains with an ssl cert. Coder doesn’t have all of that yet (though the ide is very nice).

Other options are codeanywhere.com and eclipse che.

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Our school is moving to https://repl.it/ where the IDE is remarkably similar to C9 and there is no Bezos factor forcing us to assimilate into the borg.



I just would like te conserve the same quality and the simplicity of service provided by Cloud 9.
I dont mind if it run on AWS infratructure but i dont want to have to deal with EC2 instances, S3 file system and soo on.
I just awant two developpe, and nothing else.
Could anyone offer such a service for all of us ?