Failing to Save



I’m using Cloud9 as my IDE both at work and at home. Typically when I save a file it completes almost instantly and there is no issue.
However, occasionally when I’m working at home, (I have yet to experience this issue at work) c9 will start running very slowly and saves on one specific file will constantly fail. The file is the largest in our app but still only 8k lines…
Saves on smaller files will still complete without issue.

It seems like it is specifically my home network that has this issue (both wireless and wired connections) as I have been able to connect to my phone’s hot stop (~1mb) and save the same file without issue while through wired connection (~90mb) the file times out before the save completes.

User saving /big/dev/core/app.js Failed to save /big/dev/core/app.js

I’ve tried everything I can think of to troubleshoot this issue without success.
Has anyone else encountered a similar situation?

I really like using cloud9 but if this continues I’ll have to abandon it… please help!


Additionally, loading the workspace and take an inordinate amount of time. Occasionally I’ll get this error as well though usually, eventually, it will load regardless

Error: EDISCONNECT: Agent disconnected at Parent.Agent.disconnect (/var/www/node/c9sdk/node_modules/smith/smith.js:414:16) at Parent.disconnect (/var/www/node/c9sdk/node_modules/vfs-child/parent.js:64:39) at Parent.master.destroy (/var/www/node/c9sdk/plugins/c9.vfs.server/vfs.js:139:16) at Vfs.destroy (/var/www/node/c9sdk/plugins/c9.vfs.server/vfs.js:106:21) at EventEmitter.entry.destroy (/var/www/node/c9sdk/plugins/c9.vfs.server/cache.js:131:40) at remove (/var/www/node/c9sdk/plugins/c9.vfs.server/cache.js:110:23) at null._onTimeout (/var/www/node/c9sdk/plugins/c9.vfs.server/cache.js:143:21) at Timer.listOnTimeout (timers.js:89:15)


Are you talking about hosted version or the sdk?