Failed Installation



I am having issues with opening the cloud9 thru the AWS. I have used the SSH option as creating an instance. At first the environment opens thru the browser and everything looks normal except that the “Terminal” tab has the rotating loop. Every other time I get the following error.

Installation Started

Package Cloud9 IDE 1
Python version 2.7 is required to install pty.js. Please install Python 2.7 and try again. You can find more information on how to install Python in the docs:
exiting with 1

Failed Bash. Exit code 1

One or more errors occured. Please try to resolve them and restart AWS Cloud9 or visit


I am also running a shared hosting and I do have the python on the server installed. Also everytime I ran the instance it creates18 processes on the server, which I see thru the CP.


cloud9 is checking for python2.7 or python executable on the path

what do you see when you run which python?


Thank you for responding to my issue. So basically I have the python 2.7 app installed it seems like. Look at my settings on the host server.


It’s not clear from the screenshot, where the python executable will be placed, maybe it is not on the path when cloud9 connects to the vm.

Try running the manual installer from

curl -L | bash

before opening cloud9