EXDEV, rename error



While doing drag and drop c9 ide showing me below error in red color in top right corner:

Failed to rename file ‘mmm.csv’ to ‘mmm.csv’. EXDEV, rename ‘/yyyyyy/xxxxx/zzzzz/aaaa/bbbbb/mmm.csv’.

and at the same time a pop up box also coming stating that :

cannot move files/imports-ci/mmm.csv

But in server if i do manually its working fine. (l mean i can perform mv command in linux machine successfully on same folder)

Why this happen and what is the fix for it…?


exdev means that source and target paths are on different physical devices.
Do you see this error on c9.io workspace?


yes i have seen this in c9 IDE only. As you said both the paths are in different servers.

But to achieve my goal I have created a plugin from which I will call my shell script, script will take care of moving files (or copy and remove). Problem is I am unable to prevent default execution , I used preventDefault() and stopPropagation() but these are not working.

Any idea…?