Ethereum - Geth


After setting up Ethereum within your services, I am not able to run Geth command.



What error are you getting?


I set up Ethereum also . Im getting errors related to connecting to the ethereum blockchain. ie. syncing.
Will post error messages here…

As anyone succeeded in connecting to ethereum nodes via cloud9?


The ethereum blockchain is over than 10GB now. Good luck fitting all that into a c9 server. (unless you have c9 pro, or connecting to your own server)


There is no need to download the entire blockchain. The geth cli allows for a --fast sync option. The problem is that cloud9 doesnt connect to nodes… it freezes as shown here

I0326 02:22:45.772748 1283 blockchain.go:215] Last block: #0 [d4e56740…] TD=17179869184 I0326 02:22:45.772765 1283 blockchain.go:216] Fast block: #0 [d4e56740…] TD=17179869184 I0326 02:22:45.781576 1283 cmd.go:114] Starting Geth/v1.3.5/linux/go1.5.1 I0326 02:22:45.781725 1283 server.go:311] Starting Server


how to connect to my own server ? geth attach through the ethereum RPC ?