Eslint plugin - works in terminal but not GUI



Hi all, I’m trying to set up a new workspace and I can’t get my eslint plugin to actually lint the code in Ace.

I’m trying to use eslint-config-airbnb. My .eslintrc is in my project root directory and simply contains:
{ "extends": "airbnb/base" }


You can see in the terminal that the plugin is setup and works, as it’s whining about all kinds of stuff. But, on the left, I’m not getting any warnings or errors.

I have “Customize Javascript warnings with .eslintrc” on and Warning Level set to info. Maybe there’s another setting I missed?

How to customize in-editor eslint

The default linter in Cloud9 IDE uses a browser copy of eslint that does not support all of the same features as the cli tool, I wrote this plugin to fix the issues I had been having personally and it supports eslint properly like if you were using the eslint cli which means it will work with the airbnb config.