Error while reconnecting to the workspace - Refresh required


When my workspace reconnects, sometimes it just connects fine, and other times I get:

I’ve been using Cloud9 for several weeks, this started to happening since we had the permissions issue


I’m having the same issue.
I also can’t access premium support even though I have a pro account. I’m not sure if they’re related…


I am having the same issue currently. Looking through community posts in the past, it looks like this has happened before.


Seems to have resolved itself for me. I’m back in business.


Same issue. Can’t access workspaces. Can’t contact support. Says I can’t use premium help even though I’m a premium member. My billing says I paid on April 4th but on the same page my subscription says my bill is due march 4th.

This is incredibly annoying. please fix.


I’ve created a separate ticket for not being able to access support.