Error on create file in a folder!


hello, i get this : Failed to write to 'Untitled'. [object ProgressEvent]. when i want to create a file on a folder. Why ??


On which workspace and which folder do you see this?
Errors like this may happen if there is no free space on the disk or folder is not writable.


On /workspace/src/MW/PlatformBundle/Resources/views/Advert/ when i want to create index.html.twig file. I changed my browser (Chrome) to Firefox Developer Edition and on Firefow, the error disappears.



Do you have extensions installed in chrome?
Maybe an add blocker blocks cloud9 accessing url with Advert in the name


Yes I have Google Adblock, thank you i’ll see this option.


Hello @harutyun ,I am always getting this error.Other times, i get this error: 'some language features have been disabled'.I am building a Saasapp project using ruby on rails but my contact form does not reduce to four columns as specified in my code using bootstrap grid system.

How do i correct these errors?


This is my workspace:


Hello @harutyun ,exactly how should i correct this error?Thanks.


@rugano you are describing several unrelated issues, if you see the original issue of this thread, that is can’t edit files in a folder named Advert or similar, just disable your ad blocker for, doesn’t display adds anyway


Hello @harutyun,thanks for your help with git commands.I had network problems,sorry for inconvenience.I was finally able to restore my app to appropriate step.However,I am not aware of the steps to take to silence this error about creating file in a folder.Kindly help.


In my case it was ublock origin that blocked the new files from being opened…strange it used to work then stopped working