Error adding workspace member - User does not exist


So why can I not add a new user to my workspace? I have successfully shared it to people in the past. But today when I try it I keep getting an error message. I tried it with multiple different email addresses and the same error is happening each time.

Please advise,


As the second line in the error dialog says there is no user with the email shown in the screenshot.
That either means there is a typo in email address, or the user you are looking for have registered with a different email


So does the person already have to have a account before I can invite them?


yes, only existing users can be added as collaborators


Would be good for to automatcially incorporate user signup into the Share/Invite process. (great for your business) And for me makes it easy to share and just expect that they will either log in or create and account. No friction for me, and more users for you!


We’re working on that feature :slight_smile: