Error accepting team information - can not add more then 50 member to the group



We are currently on the educational plan and are signing our student up for C9. Students that are now accepting the invitiation (i.e. clicking the invitation link in the invitation email) are receiving an error when they are trying to join our team (codeinstitute)


We’ve recently instituted a 50-member limit for team accounts. If you need more students, I’d recommend creating a new team account through (this will work after you’ve logged in) and inviting students to that account.


We’re suffering from the same problem.
How can you guys do it - your educational plan we’ve subscribed to and are paying for explicitly declares there is no limit on students!
Please remove this limit or set to a few hundreds so that the real courses will not get impacted.


Hi Bryce,

We are looking at having upwards of 1,000 students by the end of the year, so creating a new team every time we reach the 50 user limit isn’t very feasible.

Is there any chance that you’d have plan available that would allow us to go beyond this threshold?


We have several hundred students in our course as well. This change should have been made public and not implemented midway through a semester.

This FAQ specifically states:

Is there a limit on how many students I can add?
No. You can add as many students to your team as you’d like to.

Is there anyway to remove this limit? This is very upsetting and disruptive to the educational process.


@mutahhir @bradydowling: Can you please help with this ASAP? We have our course starting tomorrow for term B and are not able to pivot quick enough to rectify this situation.


I’m getting this same error. I purchased this education account with the express statement that it was unlimited students. You make this change without even telling us? That’s just fraud. Please change this back.

I just launched a course with 4,000+ students and many of them will be looking to sign up through my education account.

Your current pricing page as of NOW, still lists free unlimited students on the education account:


To avoid our students running into issues, we purchased another Education Team account… this is very upsetting as everything we sign up for says “Free Unlimited Students”. Imposing this new limited randomly, without notice, and in the middle of the semester is terrible. C9, please fix this for education teams. So many of us rely on this (and some in a much larger sense). I can understand the teams being limited to 50 for regular teams, but Educational should be left alone.



This seems to be an issue for quite a lot of people with varying team sizes. Is there anything that can be done about the team sizes?

It really doesn’t seem right to enforce this limit without informing anyone, or even updating your pricing documentation.

We’d be happy to pay extra in order to have all of our students in a single team, but creating a new team for every 50 students adds a huge admin and maintenance cost on our end


Hi all,

We recently dropped the size of team accounts from unlimited to 50. We made this change as part of our continuous efforts to ensure that we’re providing a reliable Cloud9 experience.

We are currently working on a change to increase the size of team accounts beyond 50 and we will inform you when this is available.

Feel free to reach out to us at


Hi Bryce,

Is there any update on this? We are constantly receiving feedback and confusion from students that can’t join the team.



Is there a chance that we can get an update on this? I’ve noticed that you still have Free unlimited students mentioned in your pricing and I also notice that you’ve added the education announcement to to your FAQ which references a blog post that still says that education accounts can have an unlimited amount of students.

Obviously a limit 50 students per account is a massive far-cry from unlimited account that people are still actively being promised and this limit is negatively impacting our product and our ability to provide our paying customers with a reliable experience.

Could you please advise on when you plan to make this change?



Is there any news on this? Feels terrible wrong to have this limit implemented without notice and while keeping your public information stating “no limits”. Think we would have a fair change giving this a legal follow up. This is just not legal.