Enable remote connection to database


Hi guys I have created a platform with mysql and php on c9 cloud, i need to get access externally from other php app to the mysql server created on C9 cloud, I edited the etc/…mysql.cnf changing the bin address to to accept incoming connections, the ip address I am trying to connect is the external of C9, I managed to get that by typing curl to http://myipcurl.com and the ip is fine I think, so what else do I need? Any help would be quite appreciatted.

Connect to MySQL Remotely
Connect remotely to mysql

Is MySQL running on ports 8080, 8081 or 8082? It needs to be on one of them to be accessible.

I’m also not completely sure remote MySQL access is possible on Cloud9 because of the way the proxies work. They’re setup to forward http requests and I believe MySQL needs a pure TCP connection to work. This is untested though so it may work, please let us know how you go.


so it is possible now ?


Cloud9 still uses the same type of reverse proxy in front of the servers so no, probably not, but give it a try. If it does, could you post the results here for anyone else wondering the same thing?