Emscripten in Cloud9?



Hi, I love using Cloud9 IDE and have been using it a lot.
It’s great having your own Ubuntu workspace to work in, especially when I’m on a Windows machine (and nothing open-source builds on Windows easily).

So I’ve been trying to get Emscripten to work

Apparently, on Linux, you have to compile Emscripten from source. I got the portable SDK and did ./emsdk install sdk-master-32bit.

However, it failed in the middle, saying cc1plus hit the memory limit (512 MB).

My question is: Is there a way to compile Emscripten on Cloud9 without hitting the memory limit? (I know about workspace resizing, but compiling uses a terrific amount of RAM [it ran out of memory on my VirtualBox VM]).
I think a better solution would be to provide an “Emscripten” workspace template.

Thanks for reading!