Emmet: next_edit_point broken?


After ready this blog entry https://c9.io/blog/emmet/, I became highly interested in using Emmet for editing HTML. One of the most painful things for me, is moving back and forth between attributes of a tag and its contents. My understanding is that the emmet “emmet_next_edit_point” command is supposed to do that. However it looks broken, it jumps to 10 tags ahead. On twitter, C9Support admitted there was an issue but it still doesn’t seem fixed ? https://twitter.com/C9Support/status/669473755975057408

Thank you


I expect emmet_next_edit_point to work like this: http://docs.emmet.io/actions/go-to-edit-point/ but that’s not the behavior i’m getting on c9.io at all.


here’s the screencast of emmet_next_edit_point on c9.io http://screencast.com/t/WWC34o2RunZk
note that by default it doesn’t have any keybinding and needs to be assigned one from preferences tab
Do you see something else?


@harutyun the behavior you’re seeing seems correct. I’m seeing this: http://i.imgur.com/tynWcqK.gifv . (pressing shortcuts for emmet_next_edit_point and emmet_prev_edit_point repeatedly). You can see it jumps to seemingly random points, doesn’t properly cycle through the edit points.


Looks like next_edit_point goes only into empty tags and attributes
The behavior in http://docs.emmet.io/actions/go-to-edit-point/ is the same.

http://docs.emmet.io/actions/select-item/ may be a bit more useful.