Ember.js - bad gateway on port 7357



So, I’m running … https://guides.emberjs.com/v2.12.0/tutorial/acceptance-test/ … and using the configuration from the previous pages of the guide. In my console I get the phantom.js running it’s 10 tests successfully, just I can’t connect to the web browser on that port to view the results (I know I can get logs via other locations, but I want to fix the issue with port anyways).

Second question - I’m having trouble locating log files for ember …


This is likely related to Cloud9 only making 3 ports publicly available: 8080, 8081, and 8082. Check out Multiple Ports for more details.

Given that, you’ll need to run tests on one of those ports if you’d like to open it up yourself in a browser.


Roger - besides forwarding through the 3 allowed - are there any work arounds? Do paid accounts get more ports?


No, free and paid accounts are created equal in this regard. Unless you want to Set Up an SSH Workspace, you’re bound to those three ports.


Oh man… you just upped the game for me pretty massively - I was wondering why there aren’t many questions for you guys comparatively to other services I’ve tried & the fact everyone runs their own servers but has you guys as their IDE makes sense!

Any recommendations for hosts on the server companies to run for just development? - I can use digital ocean or heroku if/when I start hosting out production stuff.


I’d recommend using AWS EC2 (Cloud9 is owned by Amazon ;)) but I also have personal experience with Digital Ocean and I can highly recommend them as well.