Ember 2 CLI - installing



I’m rather new & trying to get the new Ember.js CLI 2 to the c9.io projects.

The user guide posted here (Link) is outdated & gives you the non-CLI version. When you run it, the splash page of your new project says you should goto the CLI page (Link), which in turn asks me to run:

npm install -g ember-cli@beta

Should I just select node.js & then use the NPM to install it?

My concern is I don’t want a ton of extra files laying around in the node.js template that Cloud9 serves up - especially if per other stackoverflow posts - there’s an issue with this in other versions of ember.js.

Normally, I post questions after I’ve spent several hours fighting - but figured I would write this & then go back to the process of making everything work.

Also, if someone has a link to grabbing ember.js 2 cli from github or bitbucket - would love to see them!



I’m not sure I am happy with how it is now (as my c9 folders are mess), but it mostly appears to work…

  1. Pick node.js to start up cloud9 (I imagine you could start a blank or load a github repo & use git/curl/bower to get the NPM into the c9 environment)

  2. Ember documentation has 3 start pages for the 2.0 CLI. I found this one later - Link

  3. I logged into the c9 & workspace folder. Then ran npm install -g ember-cli

  4. Following I ran npm install -g bower

  5. I wanted the trouble shooting help, so I then npm install -g phantomjs-prebuilt

  6. Lastly, I started the new project folder ember new my-new-app


At the bottom of the same page is how to copy anyone’s ember.js project for 2.0 CLI …

git clone git@github.com:me/my-app.git
cd my-app
npm install
bower install
ember server


This one isn’t the best way anymore…yarn is replacing bower, but the process to convert is messy so best starting out with yarn instead… https://bower.io/blog/2017/how-to-migrate-away-from-bower/