Elm-lang support


I would like to work on elm language.
Elm has been a great example in helping me learn functional programming and I would like to see a template for this language in the near future.

I am enjoying a lot of the features like the auto reload in preview browser and some of the styling. The elm syntax could use better coloring distinctions and I would like it preset at the 2-space tabbing. It would be great if it can really do what it does with JavaScript with elm-lang, autocompletion and some form of intellisense with the elm-format.

When I had a group work on setting up the c9 elm workspace, it was quite a startup for them with signing up and all that. A couple of them even got stuck in naming themselvesI had made instructions on how to set up the scaffolding for elm. Still in the works, but it is out in the public and I want to see more development for the other functional programming languages in here as well.

This has been a nice web IDE compared to others I have tried, and I would love to keep telling people about elm just by showing people my elm workspace