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Hello !

I wanted to know how to access an installed elasticsearch instance, I installed and started it so it gave me this output :

[2016-08-30 07:20:00,642][INFO ][http                     ] [Hussar] publish_address {}, bound_addresses {}, {[::1]:8081

So I followed the elasticsearch tutorial ad then I did :

curl 'localhost:8081/_cat/nodes?v'

And the output was as expected :

host      ip        heap.percent ram.percent load node.role master name            6          91 5.86 d         *      Hussar  

But when I try to access https://myproject.c9users.io:8081/_cat/nodes?v I get a "No application seems to be running here!"
What did I forgot ?

Thanks for reading


Ok so I installed it via the apt-get process so if I get it right the elastic server is started via Upstart.

When I curl it I get what i want from the bash console but it seems I can’t access it via URL.

Any idea why ?


Which URL are you using?


I found the solution. The problem was that ElasticSearch was not listening to the right network.

I added
> network.host:

in the elasticsearch.yml config file and it works now !!

I hope this will help other people =)

Installing ElasticSearch into a workspace
Installing ElasticSearch into a workspace

hi @Sladix recently Im trying to implement elasticsearch and Im getting error just like the one you had. I added network.host: to elasticsearch.yml and still not getting the error fixed… So Im wondering if you did anything else other than adding network.host:

Thanks in advance