Educator team accounts are read only


My students and I are having trouble with our accounts. Since it is the end of semester my students are sort of freaking out, so I could use some help.

I have an educator account.

A number of students have complained that starting today their workspaces are read-only. stating they have met a quota. They are logged in to their accounts. they only have one private workspace

I went to check their accounts and I cannot administer my team. When I click administer it tells me to enable billing - but when I do nothing happens (I already paid my fee this month). It is telling me I cannot continue without enabling billing.

Please help.


I am having the same issue today. Someone please help. My students are in a panic. They are seeing read only. When I login, my workspace says “Page Cannot Be Found” and my team is completely missing. When I try to access Settings like Billing, it says I do not have Administrator rights.The invoice for my account was just paid yesterday. Something has gone terribly wrong!


While I am sorry you are also having this issue I am glad I am not alone.


Exactly the same situation here. My students need to work on their final course projects and can’t.

Oh, and my own workspace has vanished completely and has been replaced by a “This user has not created any workspaces yet” message.


Same here! I noticed that I have been taken off as the admin for our “team” and now no longer can edit any billing or subscription settings. Same issue as well with read only accounts for all my students, it seems they all just pooled into my own list of workspaces. Help C9!


Yes i can see that many people are facing this same issue.


My workspace has reappeared, and I can edit team settings again. Can’t yet confirm that students can open workspaces normally, but probably all is well again.

Thanks for your quick work, c9 team!


I should add that C9 support asked me to try logging in using my username rather than my email address. That did the trick.

Student workspaces seem to be fixed now, too.


Hello everyone!

​Sorry to hear that you are having an issue.
The issue seems to be solved now on our side but you might need to log in into your account again and verify that you can access all workspaces needed.

In case the issue still persists fee free to reach out to and we will help ASAP.

Thanks and sorry again!

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