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I’m currently involved in a University project where we have been using the cloud9 free service for a while now. It had fit our needs for a while, but at this point we’ve far outgrown the resources available. I understand that there are Educational plans available at reduced prices, however these come with the same restrictions, and trying to upgrade resources to a point where needed seems unrealistic. This puts us in a situation where setting up SSH would be perfect; however, that would require at least $30 a month, assuming the Team plan offers SSH, which includes a vast amount of resources we will never use, as all we need is a collaborative IDE setup on SSH for one box.

I’ve already tried operating it using the SDK version, and that seems to work to a certain extent, but obviously it’s going to be very limited, and unstable in some aspects. If there was a way to work out an educational price plan that offers an SSH workspace, that would really be ideal. I would have, and still would, prefer to have contacted the company directly over the phone, but it appears that this is the only public contact method available. If I could get in touch with a representative some way it would be greatly appreciated.


I can definitely understand your situation. At the moment, there is no custom pricing or plans. All currently available plans are listed on the pricing page (that you’ve probably seen) but it is helpful to get this feedback.


I agree.

It would be nice to have an education plan of $1 as base then $5 to add SSH (or just higher resource allocation) to team workspaces only (it will not affect workspaces created by the free user student for the free user student) and $10 to basically make all team workspaces equivalent to paid account workspaces etc.

I too, have recently signed up for education and am trying to work c9 into lesson plans… it’s kind of hard with all the limitations, so keeping things down to very simple coding lessons and git commits is a reality.

Sure, you could argue that this is the point of c9, but imo it would be useful if the Amazon AWS infrastructure was available to customers directly through c9. (After the announcement of Amazon buying c9, I was kind of hoping for something like that)


My students, upon creating a new Team workspace, intermittently receive the following error message:

“Can’t create workspace. Your team reached the limit for creating hosted workspaces. Please contact your team admin to purchase more resources.”

  1. What is the limit for hosted workspaces on an Educational team?

  2. Is it even possible for me to purchase more resources for my Educational team?

I would give my students the advice to remove prior assignments’ workspaces from our team, but it does not appear to be possible to change a workspace’s team affiliation.



The resources available for each plan are listed at:

For the Educational plan, we allow an unlimited number of public projects and just one private project. Are you trying to create new private workspaces?



Dana, thanks for your reply.

I’ll find out from the affected students whether they’re attempting to
create private workspaces. Since they haven’t been successful in
creating the workspaces, I’m can’t say whether or not this is the