Education plan requirements



Tell me, I plan to sign up as an instructor on Udemy, would I be eligeable for signup on an Education plan? please email me if this is possible as well as other requerments, and yes Cloud9 will be used extensively in the course.


The Cloud9 Education plan is designed for exactly this purpose! It should be simple to sign up, I’m not sure of the verification process, but it will just need a credit card (the price is $1/teacher/month, unlimited students included). Then, you can enter the email addresses of the students, and they will receive an invite link to be able to easily sign up the rest of the way. Think of the Education plan as a Teams plan, but without the added per-user premium features.


There is no verification process for the Education plan; anyone can use it. Essentially, it gives basic team workspace ownership, and allows you to sign up other users without credit cards.