Education plan I am cancelled, lost my project/workspace


I logged in this morning and my Workspace was there as usual. This afternoon I logged back in and I don’t see it anymore. I had been working on this project for weeks. I did not receive any warning that my workspace would be deleted. I think that the professor in charge of the education plan I am on may have deleted all accounts on the plan. I have contacted him immediately but have not heard back yet.
I would also greatly value Cloud9 support team’s urgent help in recovering the lost workspace before it is too late. How can you help me best?
Thank you very much for your help.


Please write to, and tell your username and workspace name, there may be a way to recover some data, but if it have been deleted, the chance is very small, unfortunately.


Hi Harutyun,

Thanks you for your reply, it’s what I did and fortunatly the support could restore my workspace !
Thanks to the Cloud9 team for his help !

Best regards,