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Deleting student workspaces

Apologies if this is answered somewhere but I haven’t been able to find it.

I started using the Cloud 9 education plan for a computer science high school class last year, and am hoping to use the same subscription again this year with new students. Is there a way for me to delete the workspaces of students who took the class last year? In addition, during the class we had one student who accidentally created 3 workspaces. Is there a way for me as admin to delete the extra ones without removing him as a student?



Hi…now i have a free account and had a private workspace, i need to clone my workspace, so if i purchased the student plans will i have total 2 private workspace???


The Education plan does not add any Private workspaces to your account. It gives you the ability to create other accounts which would have 1 Private workspace each, and if you are not using the plan as intended, it’s possible Cloud9 may ban your account.


Is there a way to use SSH workspaces with the educational account so students do not need a credit card? If I obtained a ‘Team Plan’, would it extend to my student organization? This would be a GREAT way to teach CUDA in my classroom using my own CUDA machine.


Will the c9 education plan remain the same with the new AWS announcement? I saw this but I just want to make sure that as an educator, I can continue paying $1/month for unlimited student invites. I just don’t want there to be any surprises that force us to have to find a new browser IDE.

Also, I coach teachers at other schools; is there a way for them to still sign up for c9 legacy and get the same Education plan for their students? image


The legacy education plan will remain as-is for the life of legacy Cloud9; you will be able to invite users and create new Education teams as long as you have a Cloud9 account. You can check our education announcement here:


this is not 100% clear. How long will legacy cloud 9 go for? What happens once we are migrated to AWS?



If we have an educational plan, but need support, what options do we have?


You can contact with any queries or post here on our community forums for other Cloud9 users to assist :-).


Does anybody know if you can open new Education Plans with the AWS switch. If not, does anyone know about a good alternative. I was supposed to start teaching Python Programming to a few kids on an orphan shelter a few blocks from my place, and I was planning on that type of account. Now I do not know what to do.


If you have a account, you should be able to create an education team stemming from this account by going to Education teams will still be able to invite new users as well.

Otherwise, if you’d like to move to AWS Cloud9, I’d recommend reaching out to the AWS Educate team to get set up with education credits


Is the education plan no more? We can no longer add students. Unfortunately, we weren’t given any warning either :(. Is this a bug in cloud9/AWS or did Amazon just shut down cloud9 education plans?


We recently dropped the size of team accounts from unlimited to 50. We made this change as part of our continuous efforts to ensure that we’re providing a reliable Cloud9 experience.

We are currently working on a change to increase the size of team accounts beyond 50 and we will inform you when this is available.

Feel free to reach out to us at


This is still not updated on the website but the education plan DOES NOT INCLUDE free unlimited students. It has a limit of 50 and I do not understand why Cloud9 is unwilling to change this information.


Yeah. I just discovered that limit in the middle of teaching a class of 120 students.



Hi Joanna, I solved this by ordering 4 times the same educational plan for 1 dollar using the same email so all these 4 teams are shown in one cloud9 account and I am able to manage them as one classroom. Costs me 4 dollar a month but now I can handle 4 x 50 students at once.
Hope you will find a solution.


Thanks for responding.
I was actually hoping to do that. But I cannot see where I can order the “new” educational plan. I do not see any options for it from within my login.


Yes you should login and go to dashboard and you see on the left “your individual subscriptions” and click on “upgrade” which leads you to ( where you can choose for an extra educational plan.


Thanks! This worked.