Education Plan FAQs



No, the education plan does not provide any SSH workspaces. This is a feature available on the premium individual plan and premium team plan.


The education plan offers unlimited community workspaces. Would someone mind clarifying some of the details of the community workspace? Is it the same as a public workspace?


The Cloud9 glossary of terms should explain that. Could you let me know where you are seeing a reference to community workspaces? It probably should be updated :slight_smile:


This semester I will be using Cloud9 for a class of 60. I can bite the bullet and do all of them individually. But next semester we will have 300 students using the platform. A way to bulk invite students would be a HUGE time saver and benefit to us.


Okay! The glossary did explain it, but it’s still in use on the page that asks you to create a team before purchasing the education plan. Here’s a screenshot. Thanks for your response!

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On C9 landing page, the pricing “tab” shows that the education plan offer public workspaces, but the education plan tab informs “unlimited community workspaces” as a characteristic of this plan.

Also, i`m finding really difficult to get info on the characteristic of the workspaces that will be available to students. To the stack used for the course (funny enough, we use the haskell stack with yesod) both memory and disk quota are important, but finding info about that is not easy, and those characteristics are changin over time (at least for free accounts), so any info is welcome!


This FAQ should include this:
Students can clone each team-member (other students & teacher) workspaces (even if they are private!)
If you are fine with them cloning each others workspace (or yours), basically leading to fraud when giving them assignments then this thing is not for you. I hope they will include some sort of feature to turn this on/off because I love using Cloud9 but this definitely kills it for me.

-Teacher CS


I can’t answer with any authority, but I can share my observation.

It appears that every workspace I create has 1CPU, 512MB RAM, 2GB HDD.


Indeed, public/community workspaces have 512mb of ram and 2gb of disk space. See also the Community Workspace definition in the Glossary of Terms.


Thanks for the note and the feedback. I’ve added a note in related topics that should help out with this.


I created a separate thread on this topic a week or so ago. I’m very keen on using Cloud9 for our online courses but the lack of security controls on cloning private workspaces isn’t acceptable.

Is this something that is a bug or is it intended behaviour? Thanks.

Prevent team members of an educational team from being able to copy private workspaces

This is intended behavior across all team accounts, education falling into that umbrella.

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Please can we have a yearly billing option for education, I’m paying from my own pocket and $1 a month would be fine, but my bank is charging that again in currency exchange fees.


Is it possible to run cron jobs from student accounts, or will they become inactive and shut off after 2 hours?


Unfortunately, only the premium plan allows for workspaces that stay on indefinitely (they have 3 Hot Workspaces), so while it’s possible to set cron jobs up, your workspaces will indeed become inactive and shut down, preventing jobs from running.


Deleting student workspaces

Apologies if this is answered somewhere but I haven’t been able to find it.

I started using the Cloud 9 education plan for a computer science high school class last year, and am hoping to use the same subscription again this year with new students. Is there a way for me to delete the workspaces of students who took the class last year? In addition, during the class we had one student who accidentally created 3 workspaces. Is there a way for me as admin to delete the extra ones without removing him as a student?



Hi…now i have a free account and had a private workspace, i need to clone my workspace, so if i purchased the student plans will i have total 2 private workspace???


The Education plan does not add any Private workspaces to your account. It gives you the ability to create other accounts which would have 1 Private workspace each, and if you are not using the plan as intended, it’s possible Cloud9 may ban your account.