Education plan clarifications


@bradydowling Please correct anything that seems wrong here.

I have used Cloud 9 for years and my students and I have made thousands of workspaces. To pay $1 a month is fine with me as long as I don’t randomly get charged extra. Here is what I have noticed:

  1. Student accounts have more possible ram (2.5 GB) and storage space (10 GB) than last years free accounts

  2. if you login with a new account and then have it set to an admin it gets the larger ram and storage. (This happened a few weeks ago for me, but now does not seem to be the problem)

  3. Admin accounts can run out of quota, for which Cloud 9 then wants more money, and and puts the account into read only locked down mode. I was lucky to have another admin account which I could revoke the admin situation on the locked account and let it just be a student again so that I could get rid of a few workspaces.

  4. I am not sure if student accounts can run out of quota, I assume not.

  5. I am not sure how many days student websites are up and running. Last year the free sites worked for 24 hours. If student accounts can run continuously I wonder how many workspaces they can run continuously?

  6. Students who make workspaces not on the team have the lower ram and disk space setting.

  7. Student team workspaces can be deleted by the Admin. I assume all student workspaces will be deleted if the admin’s credit card fails to work. (Hopefully there is a grace period of time or suspended system here so that students are not really angry at their teacher.)

So far I am very happy with the Education accounts.

Credit Card Required for Free Account
  1. Fairly certain this is not the case but let me know if it is, screenshots would be appreciated.
  2. I think this plan does not provide more RAM or disk space, even admins. Again, details if you’re seeing otherwise would be great.
  3. What do you mean by “puts the account into read-only locked mode”? I’ve never seen an entire account in read-only mode, just workspaces. Details here would be great.
  4. Students have one private workspace, and unlimited community workspaces. Plans are not quota based.
  5. Each student has privileges of a free account. See Inactive Workspaces.
  6. :thumbsup:
  7. We do not delete workspaces. If the admin deletes the team, the team workspaces will be deleted.

Question about the student/teacher account

Thanks Brady for the quick response. Any word on #7 if the credit card does not work, are the student sites fine when the teacher pays or are they immediately deleted.

Continued from Credit Card Required for Free Account

  1. It seems that my very old account maxed at 1.25GB ram and 2GB Data. I guess free accounts lately have had 2.5GB ram and 10 GB data for a while.

  2. Not an issue anymore, might have been an issues a few weeks ago (Things might have been different for my very old account).

  3. Here is a screen shot. When I reset my student account to an admin account I get these images, When I revoke admin it goes back to normal. When these images are around the account is locked down with very little access to useful things like admin ability ect.

  4. Student’s should never run out of quota that sounds great.

  5. Looks like student websites are only up for 2 hours now. I will check this, used to be 24 hours, which was nice I could mark them that night (Best if the websites were up for 4 days, then I could mark during the weekend!). Not a big deal since I can re-activate student accounts to mark their sites.

  6. Not an issue, seems I was wrong.

  7. Any idea what happens if the team credit card payment is missed when the card expires? Hopefully the account is frozen and the student sites are still fine until the credit card is updated.

Thanks @bradydowling for taking the time to answer these.