Education Account - Auto Add Students - Please!



I have hundreds to thousands of students. Adding them by hand one at a time is terrible, and frankly - stupid.

Why can’t you create a log in page (password protect it if you must) where students can add themselves to my education plan in real time?

That way I can send out a link (with password) to all my students and they can sign up themselves.

Seems drop dead simple to me…


You might be able to add students using this script, or a slightly modified version of it, but that’s all that’s available right now, and there are plenty of people who want this feature, so they likely have it or something like it on their roadmap.


If you do use my script, I would recommend modifying it to loop only the last request and sleep 5 seconds between each request so as not to overwhelm their servers.

When inviting a user through thw UI I experience a 5 second lag, but with my script the final request only takes a little less than a second.

I’ll modify the script for multiple users, hold on a second.


Here is the script, read the first few lines for sample command, and explanation of how it works.

It is set to sleep 0.7 seconds after each request, and they are not parallel… to keep the effect on the server minimal.

Edit: I have also made a multi-threaded version of add invite from list as well as a multi-threaded delete pending invite from list script. I will keep those private for now, but if anyone needs them for something I am more than willing to share. Also, in researching for the delete script, it would be very easy to also make a script that would send the “Resend invite” command for all users with pending invites all at once.


Read the readme file and you can use this site to give students the ability to invite themselves to the class.

Very rough, you can modify templates/index.html to be prettier if you’d like, but the app doesn’t serve static files, so if you pull anything in make sure it’s hosted somewhere else. (jQuery etc.)


Hi, @railscoding. I had the same problem! As you I am teacher. tks and cheers!


Just wondering where this is on the ol’ roadmap. It is cruel and unusual to make someone enter hundreds of emails one at a time.