Education account: all commits to GitHub are being done from teacher account



Hi there,

I am currently using the Education Cloud9 account, and have created one workspace (cloned from a GitHub repository I created) for students to use. I have had one student clone that workspace on Cloud9, and then try to commit to GitHub from it. However, for some reason, all the commits from Cloud9 to the GitHub repository are showing up as being committed by me, not the student.

The students all have GitHub accounts and have signed up to Cloud9 using them. Any help with understanding why we can’t see commits as coming from students on GitHub would be appreciated.



I am guessing that the students need to re-configure the git credentials in the workspace. Since it was cloned from yours, chances are that the clone most likely contains your details.

Try making the students modify the git settings in the terminal using these commands:

git config --global ""
git config --global "<Student's Name>"