Editor panel UI is hanging


I cannot move the caret in any editor panel. Occasionaly when giving focus to another application and switching back a single click will register correctly, but other than that I cannot click or type in any editor panel.

The terminal and file browser seem responsive.

This is reproducable for me in both firefox and chrome.

Presumably this is only in my workspace?

Nothing obvious appears in browser console.


Update: This is apparently only when trying to move the cursor with a mouse click in the editor window.

If i switch files and switch back I can move the cursor and everything is fine until I click anywhere in the document with my mouse.


I am having the same problem, both with Safari and Chrome.


@swayman I have found a workaround, if you open the developer tools and use the element selection tool.
Move your mouse over to the left hand of the editor window, there are a bunch of svg’s with class attributes like “droplet-pallete” if I delete the most obnoxious ones I can work with the mouse again.

Interestingly I get a 404 for a file “droplet/worker.js” when the workspace loads which appears to be provided for the harvard cs50 users @ https://cdn.c9.io/nc-3.1.3011-2d864b8d/modules/plugins/harvard.cs50/plugins/c9.ide.cs50.droplet/lib/droplet/worker.js which i guess means this could be a problem completely unrelated to cloud9 and instead todo with the cs50 workspace setup.


I am having the exact same problem, also a CS50 user. Help?


I am also having this issue. I was about to make a post because I had messaged Brady and he advised to make a public post with screenshots, but this covers my issue perfectly. There is a specific area inside the editor window where you can click and the cursor will update to that location, but it’s limited to the areas not obstructed by the svgs that aren’t loading


I’m a CS50 user and I’m also having the same issue, on both mac and windows. I noticed that if i click to the right of the light grey line in the editor, I can sometimes move the cursor. I included a screenshot of what line I’m talking about.


Sometimes I get a yellow text box at the bottom which I cannot move or read. Maybe it is waiting for a response. Thanks for the inputs, I am glad it is not just me.


there was a regression in the version released yesterday but it was fixed today morning.
If you still see the issue, please try reloading the ide.



It is working now. Thanks for the support and update!