Editor is caching old files



In one of my workspaces, I started noticing the editor is showing me old version of files. I know a generated file is supposed to have changed, and I see the right contents by doing cat on the command line, but the editor is still serving me the old version.


I started having the same issue yesterday


Anyone from Cloud9 able to take a look ? This editor caching problem is extremely dangerous. I basically don’t know what i’m editing.


Absolutely. What files is this happening to and in what workspace? Can you explain the steps you’ve done and what’s happened please. Can we chat via the in app support chat? I’m interested to see what’s going on here.


Split stats panel issue into a separate thread: Memory/CPU/Disk charts don’t work


In my mind, I had conflated the stats issue with the editor caching issue, I thought they were one and the same. I haven’t been able to reproduce the editor caching issue recently, so if you’re telling me it should be all good, then i’ll get on with my work.


Yea the caching issue was caused by a new collab version release on Saturday, which we reverted on Monday morning (EST).

The cause was when a file is changed on disk but also has unsaved in IDE modifications it should show a dialog saying it’s different and asking if you’d like to update from disk or continue using the current version. Unfortunately in some rare cases this dialog didn’t show so it would not reload from disk by default and looked like there was a caching issue.

We’ve fixed this now and the new version will be released soon (with even more thorough testing first).