Editor delete empty line on backspace


It would be nice to have the editor delete an empty line that only contains whitespace if I am on the line and press backspace. This is handy when the line has tabs and I just want to remove it and have my cursor placed at the end of the previous line. Intellij editor does this and it provides a faster editing experience when clearing empty lines.


You can use Ctrl + D shortcut to do this.


Yep, I have used Ctrl + D to delete lines. However, I still like the backspace feature as I think it is a bit more intuitive. Also, Ctrl + D does not move the cursor to the end of the previous line, it puts the cursor at the beginning of the next line.


Interesting feature idea, but it interferes with using delete to unindent, so i think we should not enable this behavior by default.
Until this is implemented, you can use delete at the end of the line above the empty one, unlike most of other editors, ace deletes the whitespace from the next space only line,


I see what you are saying about using delete to unindent. However, it would only delete the entire line if it was empty (only containing whitespace). Otherwise, if there was text on the line it would still unindent like normal. Maybe an experimental feature to start with? I used this feature all the time on Intellij and it was great.

BTW, love the work you guys have done on this cloud IDE. I am moving completely to the cloud and doing my dev on a chromebook now. Great work!