ECONNRESET: Request could not be proxied




I’m a novice working with js/node in my workplace. My app runs smoothly, but when I redirect to certain routes, I get the _ECONNRESET: request could not be proxied_ error.

I read different threads about this problem, and I realize it’s an HTTP vs HTTPs conflict. However, I’m not really sure how to make my port listen to a certain protocol. I’m using:

app.listen(process.env.PORT, process.env.IP, function () {
console.log(“Server is running!”);

I hope I addressed the problem clearly. Any help would be appreciated!



this is more likely an issue with not calling req.end from the route that redirects. could you show an example code for one such route


UPDATE: Fixed. I redirected instead of rendering the form.

it’s an edit get route for to redirect to a comment edit form

Edit route:
router.get("/:commentid/edit", function(req, res){
Comment.findById(req.params.commentid, function(err, foundComment){
} else {
console.log("comment ID is: " + req.params.commentid);
res.redirect(“comments/edit”, {camp_id:, comment: foundComment});

The edit anchor tag:
<a class="btn btn-xs btn-warning" href="/campgrounds/<%= camp._id %>/comments/<%= comment._id %>/edit">Edit</a>

Hope this helps. Thanks!