ECONNRESET: Request could not be proxied! and other errors



I’m constantly getting ECONNRESET: Request could not be proxied! errors and BadGateway errors which greatly reduces my productivity. When I first started working in my rails proyect this never happened, but as of lately this has become very annoying.

Sage 9, Cloud 9, and the orange splash screen

did you see Unable to do HTTPS on (request could not be proxied)?


how can I get my app to only listen to http?


that depends on your app, which workspace do you use, is it public?


what would be my workplace (sorry, I’m very new to c9) it’s private but I have it shared to one of my friends


I was asking to know if i can take a look at it, to better understand why the error gets shown


Oh, ok, I’ll link it to you and make it public then, I have no problems doing that.

Is this what you want?


does your app work when calling locally, e.g. with curl http://localhost:8080?
Looks like it never responds to any requests, so proxy times out eventually


I use rails server -b $IP -p $PORT, it sometimes works, other times it either has a proxy time out and others it has a bad gateway error.

This mostly happens when I make changes to the css files in my rails application.


I am able to access it now, and although there are errors in the application itself, it appears that the Cloud9 side of things is cleared up.


Yeah, it seems it’s all back to normal, any ideas on what could have been the problem or how it got solved?