Econnreset - dompdf


I posted this yesterday but then got tricked into thinking it fixed itself and had the admins delete my post so here it is again sorry!

So I am using DOMPDF and anytime I use the function save() or output() I have about a 50% chance whether or not it will work or not through the c9 platform.

I get a 503 error returned back to me and this error: ECONNRESET: Request could not be proxied!
There was an error proxying the request.

The php logs are not very helpful just giving an abort code of 6 but its aborting at different places each time. These forums wouldn’t typically be where I would post something like this except for the fact I can put it on my production server or my local dev server and it works just fine every time with what I can tell the exact same setup(os,same php version, same code etc).

Now here is the strange piece: Like I mentioned 50% of the time I get this error when refreshing the page to generate the pdf, the other 50% of the time it returns back the string of the filename and location like its supposed to. 100% of the time it actually generates the pdf on the server though!

Has anyone ran into this or have any ideas? This isn’t a huge deal because I can keep developing but have to test these portion on my local or prod server.


One more observation and not sure it has anything to do with it though. Sometimes it takes 2 seconds for me to get that error response sometimes it takes 30 seconds its random each time I load the page.