Easiest way to Migrate wordpress site from C9 to GoDaddy



Hi I’ve finished developing a wordpress site in my cloud9 workspace, but I’m not sure how to go about migrating it to GoDaddy for hosting. In setting up the hosting package for GoDaddy it offers the ability to migrate the site this way: they connect to the site logging in as wp-admin, copy all files and databases, and install a plugin allowing the files to be sent to the new hosting. For this they request FTP credentials (for plugin install I imagine), yet from what I understand, FTP has been deprecated in Cloud9 workspaces. And the support pages provide this article as a way of connecting to an FTP server from the command line, but I need credentials to allow GoDaddy FTP access to my site so that they can connect.

Is this possible? If so, how can I achieve this? Also, if this isn’t possible I’d love suggestions on other ways to achieve the same objective.


Try downloading all the necessary files and do a database export in phpmyadmin. Then upload/import everything into your host.


This should easily apply to this; https://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress

If you have ssh access on the new host, it should go smoothly. Depending on how you export everything, you may be able to transfer the site server-to-server without downloading it locally. :slight_smile:


You are unable to SSH into a c9 workspace, so WordPress cannot grab your files. However you can connect, I think, from c9 to WordPress.

Also you can compress your entire workspace and send that one file to WordPress.


There absolutely has to be a better answer to this. I am a Web Designer, not a computer science major. Plugins for transferring wordpress off of C9 just don’t work. Can we please get a real answer of how to do this.


how do you compress all the files?
I am also trying to upload my wordpress site from cloud 9 to godaddy


You should be able to download a .zip file containing all of your workspace files. Go to File > Download Project in the IDE.