Duplicate view not working appropriately


It happened to me thrice. As I opened the duplicate view (suppose name is app.js and duplicate is app.js(mirror)). I was able to edit both files in different the tabs. I saved both but only one of them was saved, and the other one did not reflect changes. I closed one (app.js(mirror)) but the browser was not showing the changes present in currently opened file(app.js).
After that I thought of closing the file and opening it again. And It didn’t save any changes made in that duration when duplicate view was active.

I thought that I am doing it wrong, so this time I just opened duplicate view and did not made any changes in (app.js(mirror)) and only made changes in original (app.js) but the same thing happened again. It did not save any changes and not showing any changes in browser(alert(“hi”) on top of the script).

I would test again and will come up with screenshot if that is helpful.

Thanks C9, you are awesome.