Duplicate Terminals when using alt + t



If I press ALT + T, two terminals are opened every time. I am on the ssh workspace and I have tried closing my browser and logging back in. If I click the plus sign and then click “New Terminal” I only get one terminal.


Just tested this and it only opens one tab for me so it almost sounds like it might be a browser issue.

Have you tried this in Chrome and Firefox? Give it a shot in an incognito window in Chrome where you have no extensions installed and see if that does that trick. If so, it could be related to a browser extension you have installed.


I’ll try incognito now.


@bradydowling I just tested in Incognito. It is still happening. I also tried resetting my keybindings. Still no luck. I’ll try Firefox now.


Unfortunately alt + t in Firefox opens the tools context menu so I am unable to test since I am using Ubuntu. (I just switched from Windows due to so many issues with updates yesterday)

@bradydowling any other troubleshooting steps I can try? I use this shortcut quite often and it’s very annoying that it opens two terminal windows since it very quickly clutters my workspace.


You could also try it with a different:

  • Workspace
  • Cloud9 account
  • Computer

Try these and see if any of these do the trick.


@bradydowling This issue happens regardless of which computer I am on. I also just barely tried alt + t on 2 different other workspaces that I own. One that is an ssh workspace, and one that is hosted by you guys. Both still have the issue.

Would you like me to create a new c9 account to troubleshoot?


Yes, that would be helpful. I can’t think of any other cause of this besides your account (unless you have similar programs/extensions installed on all computers you tried) so give that a try and see what happens.


The issue still happens in Firefox, it still happens when I have all extensions disabled, but it does not happen when I create a brand new c9 account. It’s obvious to me that this is related to my entire account, though I have no idea what setting could cause this. It’s very annoying. Please advise.


The issue is caused by revealfile setting.
I have a fix but it will be deployed next week. Thanks for helping us to find it.

PS. It is possible to reset all settings to default values using reset=1, but if you used that, we wouldn’t be able to find the issue:)