Download Docker container


I recently installed Docker Desktop. It would be great if I could download my entire online workspace (not just the files, but the entire docker container) and run it locally in docker. I know I can use the open-sources workspace templates, but that means re-installing everything I installed in my online workspace.


I second that. Hopefully this feature will be out soon.


I would really like an export/download workspace container feature as well!


I did find the Docker images for the workspaces (they are getting a little old, but may be up to date enough). Choose the corresponding Docker image from the list here, pull it, then download your files, transfer them to the inside of the container, and you should have all the default libraries installed, and the environment set up. That said, I’ve never actually used those containers, so I cannot attest to how exactly they work. You may need to get the SDK running and mount the volumes from the workspace to it (using an image like, and then open the SDK and edit the files from there. That said, you’d probably have to find a way to essentially have an SSH workspace, so commands are run in the workspace, not the SDK.