Downgrade to free failed, didn't notice for 3 months



I thought I had canceled my account 3 months ago, and when I checked today I realized I was still being billed for it, becuase when I pressed the cancel button it says “This subscription is not the latest version.”

Can you refund me for the last few payments? I would really appreciate it. I enjoyed using cloud9 while I was learning ruby, but right now I’m focused on learning on a local dev environment, but I do plan on coming back to the cloud again in the future once I get better at this. Also if you check my login history you’ll see that I haven’t logged into c9 for the past 3 months because I thought that it was canceled lol. Thank you!



Thank you for writing in. Can you write in to with your username? We’ll be happy to take a look.

Have a great day and happy coding!