Double clicking files in search results



Very new to Cloud 9 so please forgive me if this is a daft question. I have embedded Cloud9 into my Home Assistant front end and its marvellous. The only problem I seem to be having is that when I double click a file in the search results I get this

Could not open file: ~-assistant/config/devices/switches/kitchenBlaster.yaml

The file could not be found on the file system.

Where as the result file shown in the ide is /home-assistant/config/devices/switches/kitchenBlaster.yaml

Both Home Assistant and Cloud9 are runnin in dockers with a path mapped in the Cloud9 docker to Home Assistants config dir -

system home assistant dir Cloud 9 workspace
/mnt/user/appdata/home-assistant/ -> /workspace/home-assistant

I cannot find anywhere to set this path



Bump? Anyone?

Also when I add Home to the favourites its undefined… so I am guessing HOME is set wrong. if I open a terminal inside cloud9 HOME=/home whereas I think I want it to be HOME=/workspace