Doesn't finish resizing



It’s been resizing for 10 hours now.

I’ve tried reloading the webpage, but not yet now.

please make sure that, I can not continue my work…

What should I do…


I got a mail what they restarted server from c9 support.
But not yet. It’s doesn’t change status.
I mailed again with not working endpoint url.

I’m stucked lol


They restarted again.
Now, It is fixed.

But, It happens new Problem.
Display said “Waking up your workspace from hibernation” lol
I can’t work again.
What a hell!!


I’m running into the same issue. Hopefully, it’s just temporary.


I’m experiencing the same issue right now I have homework to do :roll_eyes:


suddenly my workspace is coming up blank. all my source codes were gone. what happen with my workspace.
please recover my source code


After 30 minutes, I could access my workplace. Are you?


OMG. How about you right now?


What is your browser to use c9 every time?


Firefox. do you know how to recover source code? everythings are goes disappered. and there is only file named hello-world.php which created at 2017.


Yes! I got back in shortly after I posted.