Does Cloud 9 require a fast internet connection?


I have just been introduced to Cloud 9, and I am impressed so far! However, I do have a couple of questions regarding speed and stability. When I am at home on my Ubuntu machine (Firefox Developer Edition) Cloud 9 was lagging to the point of several seconds. When I would type a command in, it would take several seconds for the terminal to display said command. Additionally, moving the mouse over a menu option would take a second or two for the item to highlight, and then the menu would start to display…slowly. However, at work I see no such problems.

My question is this, would using Firefox Developer Edition have anything to do with this? I was also watching a Udemy course at the same time, and it was also very slow and unresponsive. Would this be because of Cloud 9? Or would the issue be that the Developer Edition is possibly slow itself?

Secondly, does using Cloud 9 require a fast internet connection? As far as I am aware (unless I am missing something) the usability of the terminal and code window should not be at all affected by the speed of my connection, as it is all browser-based computing. However, the exception I could see to this is that the browser is only rendering a “screencast” of a Cloud 9 server machine, which would explain why it is acting so slow. Is this the case?

Does anyone know why it might be so laggy for me at home, but not at work (still using Firefox Developer Edition)? Thanks!


Typing in code editor doesn’t require fast connection since it works in your browser. Saving and loading file still requires fast connection, since data is not stored in the browser.
Typing in the terminal requires fast connection too, since it sends every keystroke to the bash process running on ubuntu vm.
Menu displaying slowly does not depend on connection, and indicates that browser was busy with something else.
In firefox if one tab is slow it will make slow all other tabs too. I am not sure what was causing the slowness yesterday, if that happens again try closing other tabs, or opening cloud9 in chrome.


Yeah, I figured that the code would work in the browser, as I see no reason why it would be a “screencast” which seems like it would have a lot of problems (slow connections, for instance). And the saving/loading was really one of the only things I could think of that would take longer depending on the connection, as it makes sense that the data would be stored on the Cloud9 server machines.

But the terminal being slow makes sense then, which is unfortunate (but the way it has to be). Question about that as well I guess; the packets being transmitted with each key press shouldn’t be too big though, not? It is just text after all, and it seems like it should be roughly the same as using a terminal emulator to connect to a remote server (ie. PuTTY or sshing into somewhere). Although I don’t believe those send each keystroke, but only after “enter” is pressed (which may be the same here). Is there a reason that it behaves so much slower than an emulator? Or would that likely be because the rest of the application is slow (for currently unknown reasons).

I might try in Chrome just to see if that makes a difference. Thanks for the reply, and I’ll hopefully be able to test again soon (with nothing else interfering)!


It may be worth mentioning that the cloud ide uses a crap ton of javascript so a modestly powerful computer, with 4 processing threads, would help in this case. I don’t consider my internet connection to be fast, upload wise, I have a respectively responsive experience. I’m also using Chrome as well.

SSH does indeed, transmit every character byte per byte. If you ever experience lag on it, you’ll see each character show up at varying rates as you type.


So I have finally been able to do some solid testing at home and it appears that that is what is happening. I switched to regular Firefox on Windows 10 (dual-boot, same machine) and was able to run the editor without an issue. Saving and loading a file, as you mentioned, are where the low connection is noticeable. Additionally, the initial opening is quite long, as it will display the page and my different windows but have nothing in the windows for a bit, only the small white loading circle in the left of the corresponding tab. However, this doesn’t bother me as I am quite understanding of the fact that there is a lot to be transferred upon the initial load.

Thanks for your time and input! Really enjoying Cloud 9 so far!


Thanks for the reply! As I mentioned in my reply to @harutyun switching to the regular edition of Firefox fixed my issue (Windows 10, dual-boot), at least that I can tell. I would consider my computer rather powerful (specs below) as I haven’t had any issues running anything else since building it last year. However, like you said it is a lot of JS :slight_smile:.

On another note, I didn’t know that SSH transmits byte by byte; thanks for the information! That would definitely explain the slowness in the terminal. Good to know. Thanks again!