Does cloning a workspace only clone the workspace folder?


I’ve made a Laravel Spark “starter” workspace with the intention to clone it every time I need to start a new spark project, but it seems that the $PATH for the workspace isn’t cloned over as I have to add the spark installer folder to it manually every time.

So is the workspace folder the only thing that gets cloned over, or is there a way to make sure things like $PATH are cloned as well?


Anyone know whats up with this?


I have the same issue.

After cloning a workspace, it also reverts back to older versions of npm and node.


Cloning a workspace is a complete clone, basically file for file.

The npm and node versions may appear to change if your default isn’t set correctly in the original workspace.


How do I set the default correctly?


I should’ve said “set to persist across bash sessions”, aka persist when you open up a new terminal. You should be able to add a line to your bashrc file that sets the default for you.