Does Anyone Have React with Rails Working On Cloud9?


I have been horribly struggling to establish a stable development environment for React and Rails, so much that I am thinking of just trying to run it on a physical Ubuntu machine.
I have started by wasting dozens of hours trying to get Rails/React/Webpacker working. I’ve faced all kinds of problems, which are detailed in this Github issue:

Finally I have decided to give up on Webpacker, and go with Create-React-App and rails.

I have started with this tutorial:

But there are two major problems

– This tutorial assumes a physical machine, and doesn’t cover the getting it to work with Cloud9… dealing with the “ports” issues.

– This tutorial assumes rails API – it proxies certain requests to the API. That’s not what I need to do. I need to run a rails app alongside a React development server… so I can load HTML from both the Rails front end, and have the React JS run on top of Rails.

Any ideas?



Would you consider using a Mac setup? My team at ShakaCode mostly uses Macs. Some of our team uses a Docker on top of Ubuntu setup. One of my team members did do some work using C9.

Have you considered

Take a look at “Hawaii Chee” (google for it). That’s a React on Rails app that my team built.

React on Rails is live on 2100+ live public sites using React on Rails, and it has almost 1M downloads of the gem.

If you want to do any server rendering for SEO, then the solution of a create-react-app will be difficult with a Rails back-end. React on Rails makes this trivial.

In this video, I walk through the motivations behind the design of React on Rails. You should be able to follow the React on Rails Tutorial (in the github repo, docs/ in a matter of minutes.

Please message back with any questions.