Do workspaces come loaded with mercurial?


I’m new to cloud9, so forgive me if this is obvious, but I created a workspace from a bitbucket repo and don’t seem to see any hg commands from the terminal. Granted, I can just install it myself, but I was curious if it actually should have been installed or it is intentionally kept out of the workspace on initial setup.

Any info would be great in order to learn what’s normal and what’s not (loving this service btw).



While git does come preinstalled on most (I think all) workspaces, Mercurial needs to be installed at your own discretion.

Also, note that the software that comes installed in a workspace isn’t affected by whether it is cloned from a git repository. The preinstalled software is purely determined by which workspace template you choose, such as Node, Wordpress, Python, etc.

For more info on exactly what packages are installed and how each workspace is setup, have a look at our templates repository. For most workspace types, you’ll want to see the base Dockerfile we use as well as a specific workspace template’s Dockerfile. For the Node workspace, you’ll be curious to see the Dockerfile and the check environment file.